¡Vámonos! (WT)


¡VAMONOS! is the story of LILIAN and her four kids travelling from Guatemala to the Mexican-US border. LILIAN dares to leave her abusive husband and joins the migrant caravan in search for a better life. Being a single mother, this is her only chance to make the dangerous travel through Mexico. Yet, on the 3000-mile journey she is confronted with the same male domination she is fleeing from.

Women usually carry the heaviest burden of poverty, violence and machismo in society. Yet, their stories are clearly underrepresented. ¡VAMONOS! gives us close insights not only into LILIAN’s life, but also into the society she comes from. The film establishes a connection between her individual fate and the collective experience of what is now called the Central American Exodus.

We follow LILIAN and her kids marching and hitchhiking through Mexico using trailers and trains, struggling to find food, water and shelter. During the journey we get to know her backstory, but we also witness her struggle with men first offering their help and then abusing their power. Along the way it becomes obvious that LILIAN’s escape from her violent husband marks just the beginning of an ongoing struggle of independence from men.


Genre: Documentary

Director: Jakob Krese

Co-Director: Danilo do Carmo

Director of Photography: Arne Büttner, Danilo Do Carmo

Editor: Sofia Machado

Producer: Annika Mayer

Co-Producer: Viana González

Countries: Germany, Mexico, Brazil

Length: 90 min

Language: Spanish

Film Location: Mexico, Guatemala

Planned Release: Spring 2021