Another Family Story


ANOTHER FAMILY STORY lives from the tales of three generations of a Yugoslav family.  Our story is marked by revolutions. The first revolution brought us into this world. The second led us to our graves. I have the Nazis to thank for my birth. After their attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941, my grandparents joined the partisan resistance struggle. That is where they met, where they fell in love. Both of them from very poor families made a career as partisans and became part of the comunist revolution.

In 1947, they get their first child, my mother. As a child, she believes joining the Yugoslav partisans is the only profession to pursue, but when she gets older, she starts questioning and rebelling. In 1968, she joins the student movement in Ljubljana and protests against the supposed “red bourgeoisie” to which her parents now belong. In1990, she publicly scolds her friends from the student movement, who are now fighting for the secession of Slovenia. As their independence is proclaimed, my mother is declared a traitor. She goes to the besieged city of Sarajevo and wonders if the massacre of the civilian population is the result of the revolution of her generation.

Berlin, 1992. The third generation, that is me, waits for the next cartoon in front of the television. Meanwhile,the majority of the promised land, Yugoslavia, goes up in flames, while the new, independent country of Slovenia is popping champagne corks. Two decades after my mother lies on her death bed. While she is finishing our family novel, I am filming the biggest protest since Slovene independence.  

Based on the literatur of my mother, the film constructs an essaistic collage, with images  from the ex-yugoslav filmarchives.

The personal world of thoughts of a family condenses half a century of Yugoslavian and Post-Yugoslavian history, marked by upheavals, hope, destruction and new beginnings. It is in search of the ironic,fatal, and contradictory connections of these small yet big stories.


Genre: Documentary

Author & Director: Jakob Krese

Producer: Jakob Krese, DanijelHocevar, Jovana Nikolic

Country of production: Germany,Slovenia, Serbia

Duration: 90Minutes